The Badge of Confidence is a symbol of quality and assurance verifying tasks were completed. A badge is earned by completed tasks verified by the Confidence Cloud and confirmed by team managers.

We enable teams to create “Badges of Confidence” which are on-going certifications of work that has been completed by the members. The AI provides the assistance to visually verify and confirm the work, providing on-premise verification to give people peace of mind for that location.

Examples of a badge may be for water safety, fire safety, cleaning and sanitation, inspections, maintenance, or any standard, protocol or compliance.

Badges could be your own based on your own protocols you've built for specific industries. Confidence Systems can help you design them as a part of your protocols to be stored in the Confidence Marketplace.

The Badge of Confidence can be published to 3 areas:

  1. The Confidence Smart Display: Confidence's proprietary on-premise IoT (Internet of Things) device displaying the status of the workspace (time, date, location).

  2. Any digital device: Any internet enabled device such as a website or embedded in an app. We call this our Virtual Smart Display.

  3. The Community of Confidence: The public or private community displaying the status of your workspace.

Badges of Confidence can be your brand based on your protocols or procedures for your industry. Earn or create your badge to create confidence in your community today!

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