The Community of Confidence on is where you can show your community how well you run your business. The community can see what Badges of Confidence were earned through completing tasks in the Confidence App. You can assign which badges are assigned to which Confidence Virtual Smart Display or Confidence Smart Display.

Our badges are based on data. Once our customers have achieved them, we enable our customers to publish their badges or processes to a private or public community. Internal or external communities can have peace of mind to know that the locations are following protocols for the health and safety of their team members and their customers.

Community members can choose to make their activities private or public and have the flexibility to share what they want. Get rewarded for the hard work in making your establishment healthy and safe for your employees and customers on

The community can provide feedback to the Workspace owner so they can improve or get kudos for the great job they're doing to support health and safety operations. Trust is the new currency that is built through the Community of Confidence.

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