Ambassadors are our partners on the front lines, evangelists who use their voices and social media presence to extol the virtues of Confidence to everyone and anyone who will listen. Our Ambassadors also serve as recruiters, lining up others to join the ranks to spread the word. Put simply, they are the collective face of our organization.

Do you have a network? The more effort you put in the more you get out of it. There is a minimum of 5 closed opportunities per year to stay in the Confidence Ambassador program. However, it doesn’t require a lot of your time to get a strong return to create an annuity steam for yourself.

Want to money? Make 10% commissions on every deal!

Become a part of partner directory and we will create a partner page for you highlighting your company and services, what we bring to market together, and how customers can connect with you.

Ensuring customers succeed start with you. Customer Success is one of our most important values. Without customers, we don’t exist. They will always have you for their success, but feedback can be provided in the Community of Confidence as well. We are here to support!

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